Train the Trainer 大笑導師培訓


【大笑101A】各個大笑俱樂部(Laughter Clubs)

【大笑101B】一日大笑瑜伽基本課程 One Day Basic Training Course  – 適合初學者/完全無經驗者報名

【大笑201a】大笑瑜伽領袖培訓課程 (第一階大笑瑜伽導師班) – 歡迎初學者直接報名

【大笑301】幸福修行:大笑瑜伽講師培訓課程  (第二階大笑瑜伽導師班)


There are different laughter yoga trainings leading the way to health & happiness.


[LOL101A] General Laughter Yoga Social Clubs/Sessions

[LOL 101B] One Day Laughter Yoga Basic Training Course(Cantonese) – for beginners & newbies 🙂

[LOL201a]Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders Training Course(English) – for beginners / newbies 🙂

[LOL 301]Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Course (English version on request)– only for those completed any of the [LOL201] Series.