Holistic Body-Mind-Emotion Consultation 身心精神整全健康諮詢


適合應用於: 身體長期不適、體重管理、壓加及情緒管理、提升睡眠品質、家庭/親子關係、人事關係、事業發展方向、個人成長、提升整體健康和幸福感

In PREMA, we care about your holistic health. In the definition of World Health Organization, health is not only limited to physical health, but also emotion and social health. In our practical work in the field, we discover that there is no single therapy tool suitable for all people, while an individual would like to recover to a healthy state, they also need a combo of tools to assist. Therefore, in PREMA, we gather experts from different sectors including counseling psychologist, yoga teacher, laughter yoga teachers, registered social worker, nutritionist, massage therapist, astrologist, crystal therapist, energy and sound therapist, to assist you to find out the best approach for your  Holistic Health.

Suitable for people who want to :tackle long term diseases, body weight management, stress and emotion management, improve the quality of sleep, tackle the challenges of family / parenting/ relationship/ career,  personal growth, improve general health and wellbeing.


Consultation Procedures諮詢步驟 :

Step 1: 60 mins Preliminary Consultation Session by our therapist


Objectives 目標:

1) to understand your current needs


2) Suggest the approaches towards your healing journey (not necessary need to purchase our consultation afterwards)


Fee involve 所需費用: $200/60 mins


Step 2: Plan Your Healing Journey with the therapist team (60 mins) 



1) The therapist team will suggest the routine and diet for your current situation


2) Plan the healing objective and schedule for yourself


3) Arrange the classes, workshop, activities, diet or private sessions which will help in the journey.


Fee involve所需費用: $800/ 60 mins


Step 3: Take your action for your healing journey (6 -12 months)

開展你的療癒旅程 (6-12 個月)


  1. Take the required action as plan 按計劃採取行動
  2. WhatsApp notification service can provide if request 有需要可申請短訊提示服務

Fee involve所需費用: depends on the service you require. 視乎你需要哪項服務而定


Step 4: Final Grounding Session (60 mins)

最後諮環節 (60分鐘)


  1. Consolidation of the learning during the healing journey


Fee involve: $800/ 60 mins.



Please feel free to sign up for the first preliminary consultation session (60 mins) to know more about your needs and we can give some preliminary advices. The fee for this session is $200.