Explore Gifts Through Fun Yoga 探索潛能好玩瑜伽




你的瑜伽老師: Amy 老師(輔導心理學家,兒童及親子瑜伽老師、大笑瑜伽講師、具多年跟兒童及親子課程教授經驗)




We believe all of us has gifts within for us to unleash, while Fun Partner Yoga allows kids, teens and parents to explore these inner gifts in a safe and fun way. Different yoga asanas and pranayama practices allows kids to open up their five senses and help them to build up better connections with their physical bodies and their inner self and emotions. In Partner Yoga, we also provide different exercises for kids to explore how to build up better relationship with others and learn the way of living in a joyful way in the modern world.

This course is suitable for the units and parents who would like the kids to live healthily and joyfully.

Your Teacher: Miss Amy ( Counseling Psychologist, Kids & Family Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher, experienced in teaching kids & family courses)

We have the following group classes for private bookings.

兒童組(初): 4-6歲的兒童,每節45分鐘

Kids (A): Age 4 to 6, 45 mins per session.



Kids (B): Age 7 to 9, 60 mins per session



Teens: Age 10 – 14, 60 mins per session


親子組: 一位成年人配4歲以上的兒童,每節60分鐘

Family : 1 adult plus kids aged 4 or above, 60 mins per session


教學語言: 英語/廣東話 /普通話

Medium of instructions:Cantonese/ English/ Putonghua

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